Client Experience

Here at Black Card Books we are committed to creating a unique and extraordinary customer experience. Our goal is to always convey a passion for our clients and to consistently deliver the best service experience. See what others are saying about Publish A Book & Grow Rich and Black Card Books. Below you’ll see just a few of the many examples of our commitment to consistently deliver a top notch customer experience.

“Gerry Robert and the Black Card Books team is a fine-tuned machine! They’ve been there for me every step of the way. Gerry’s personal input and insights have helped me monetize aspects of my business I’d never thought of before.”
– Malik Jaffer

“Excellent. Gerry provides detailed information and step-by-step strategies on how to be successful as an author and expert. I’ve paid hundreds of thousands to attend seminars and bootcamps. I can say that I was shocked at the value this one brought to me and my business. Everyone at the course absolutely loved it, and so did I.”
– Scott Tsui

“Gerry Robert’s word is impeccable. When he says he helps ordinary people do extraordinary things he means it and follows through. His team is first class. Gerry Robert is the real deal. He helps people everywhere accomplish what they never thought they could. The books he publishes are amazing!”
– David Mccammon

“Gerry Robert is an incredible wealth of information and knowledge combined with a wonderful personality. He’s clearly committed to helping others achieve their dreams and obviously loves what he does. Meeting and working with Gerry has been an incredible experience”
– Chris Dyson

“Awesome! Brilliant! Competent! Delightful! Educational! Fantastic! Great! Helpful! Inspiring! Joyful! Kind! Lovely! Meaningful! Nurturing! Original! Positive! Quality! Remarkable! Superb! Transformative! Unbelievable! Valuable! Wonderful! Insert infinite stream of superlatives!”
– Jochen Siepmann

“They say this seminar is about books but it’s really about so much more… marketing, mindset, money, and more! No matter what you have to do, get yourself a ticket asap. Gerry is the best book authoring coach in the world. My story would never have been possible if I hadn’t changed my belief in what was possible. Gerry did that!”
– Jeffrey Grinel

“I cannot begin to describe how incredible it feels to hold my book in my hands! To the whole team at BCB, I have no words to thank you for all you have done to help me make my dream a reality!”
– Analena Rebelo

“I greatly appreciate your work and look forward to additional mentoring. I am very confident so far that with the stuff I have, with your great guidance, and some concerted effort from me and support of my family, we’ll make a unique contribution to people’s lives.”
– Hari Gurunath

“I have found the Black Card Books Instant Author Program to be very professional and the team 100% supportive. I really felt as though I had people holding my hand throughout the writing, editing and publishing process. Nothing was ever too much for this team and my book was published and printed within nine months of signing up for the program!”
– Shirley Anthony

“When you attend something like this, you are often hesitant, not sure of what will happen. Well, what happened was nothing short of miraculous. I’ll never be the same since attending this workshop. I implore you to get to it as soon as possible. Greatest experience in my life. Gerry is my mentor and role model.”
– Nomer Meteoro