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Client Experience

Here at Black Card Books we are committed to creating a unique and extraordinary customer experience. Our goal is to always convey a passion for our clients and to consistently deliver the best service experience. See what others are saying about Publish A Book & Grow Rich and Black Card Books. Below you’ll see just a few of the many examples of our commitment to consistently deliver a top notch customer experience.

“Thanks for an amazing Bootcamp in London. I have learned more this weekend than in the past 60 years and can’t wait until you are back in the UK. I have already invited people for your next event.”
– Phil Chan

“Gerry Robert and Black Card Books not only provide assurance, but opened the door for a continuing relationship and encouragement. You have inspired me to believe in a company that truly lives its mission and is filled with great people. I will keep that dream alive thanks to all of you. Someone needs to write a book about Black Card Books, the company with a heart of gold and the inspiration of kindness that clearly change lives.”
– Dale Nicholls

“I cannot begin to describe how incredible it feels to hold my book in my hands! To the whole team at BCB, I have no words to thank you for all you have done to help me make my dream a reality!”
– Analena Rebelo

“Gerry is authentic, experienced, clever, passionate and HILARIOUS! I’ll even be attending Toastmasters International now because of him. He’s an inspiring speaker. Laughed and cried over the 3 day Bootcamp.”
– Kemi Johnson

“Dear Gerry, I know you hear this all the time and you’ve probably heard it a million times, but nevertheless, I have to tell you THANK YOU, thank you, thank you for giving people the hope that they can accomplish their wildest dreams and for believing those who forgot to believe in themselves. I have wanted to write a book since high school (that would be 15 years ago), but it was just a far away goal in my head. This year I decided to believe in myself and take the first step. I am super excited to learn from you and I am really honored and grateful. Thank you again for doing what you are doing and keep doing it!”
– Petra Gamberger Lončarič

“Wow! I attended Gerry Robert’s Publish A Book and Grow Rich 3-day Seminar in London. It was a magical life-changing phenomenal empowering event that was a turning point in my life to fulfill my chosen mission. The strategies provided for marketing and publishing a book is amazing. Looking forward to working with Gerry and his team to bring my book into existence. Abundance of thanks Gerry.”
– Margaret Aberdeen

“I was glad that we have crossed our paths in Singapore, and I was truly inspired by you, your invaluable advice and words – I strongly believe that your wisdom, experience, and network will greatly benefit the participants, and provide opportunities for more people to author books and earn passive incomes for financial freedom!”
– Michael Chan

“Thank you for the weekend workshop. I am very happy I attended it. Gerry is an amazing speaker and his staff JG, James and all the others are amazing! I always say, it starts from the leadership. If the leader is great, so are his/her staff. It was an awesome weekend where I learned, laughed, made friends and most important, you tapped into the pearl in my being, and brought out the hidden talent with your framework and writing system… so thank you very much.”
– Mumtaz Sunderji

“Thank you very much for the incredible experience of the “Publish a book and grow rich” Bootcamp. It was fun, enlightening, enriching , fascinating, thought provoking, etc. Gerry, Jamie and JG were great. The workshop was so content rich and required the participation of the attendees from the very first day. You really know how to jolt people into action! Your sense of humor made it all so enjoyable. In spite of the full schedule over the weekend, the long drive and the DST adjustment, I didn’t feel tired. It’s only now that I’m back at work that I feel a little exhausted. Work does that to me. Carol, Maribeth, Gary and Sotea were all very approachable and helpful. I truly enjoyed the experience and will keep in touch.”
– Eric Fermin

“It was an inspiring weekend and I’m ready to go to work and have some fun creating my future. Thank you so much.”
– Les Gordon

“I greatly appreciate your work and look forward to additional mentoring. I am very confident so far that with the stuff I have, with your great guidance, and some concerted effort from me and support of my family, we’ll make a unique contribution to people’s lives.”
– Hari Gurunath

“Thank you for your inspiration and the tools on how (and where) to get my book written. Thanks for your encouragement too. You changed my mindset, gave me hope and allowed me to dream ever bigger than before. Your seminar was one of the best, most informative weekends of my life. YOU ROCK! Thanks for everything.”
– Lavinia Schlebusch