This message is inspired by something so old it literally stopped me in the street.

I was enjoying a walk in the streets of Jolly Old England and I saw a yellow ticket placed under the windshield wiper of a car. I glanced at it and instead of seeing a parking ticket I saw a coupon for some local service.

We have all seen these coupons and most likely have been victims of the windshield warriors ourselves.  In this case the coupon was the same color as a parking ticket.

I imagine that the owner of the car was supposed to feel different emotions in a few seconds. ANGER – that they received a ticket. RELIEF – that it wasn’t a real ticket!

Ironically the car owner might feel ANGER again for being given a real ticket for –

LITTERING! Most of these coupons get thrown onto the street and some get buried under the seats in the car – never to be seen again. It’s a waste of paper, effort and more importantly – imagination.

Here is some hard truth from a guy who has been around for over 30 years:

If your advertising message is coming across in routine, bland ways, you will be immediately dismissed and deemed irrelevant by potential clients if you are not speaking to their needs, wants and desires in innovative and beneficial ways.

We are swamped with messages all day long.

At breakfast, the kids are yelling, “Mom, can I have $20.00?”

At work it’s tough to concentrate because everyone has a cupcake sale, bike-a-thon or favorite charity that needs YOUR money.

On the way to work, after work and when you’re home at night you see thousands of messages that are deemed as advertising but in simple terms, they want your money.

Everyone wants YOUR money. Who do you give your money to? (Other than the government who automatically gets a chunk of it even before you receive it.)

You really do have a say in who gets your money. Why did you choose the mortgage company you did? Why did you choose that specific realtor? Car dealer? Furniture store?

What did they do to earn your trust? How did they come across the marketplace? How did they build a relationship with you? What did they do to make you go into your wallet and give them your cash?

They communicated with you in a manner that made you believe that they had your best interests at heart.

Let’s reverse the equation. You have existing and potential clients that you want to influence. What are you doing to earn their trust? How are you building a relationship with them so that they will buy and continue to buy from you for a long period of time?

How are you communicating with them? Please don’t tell me it’s with a yellow ticket under their windshield wiper!

Communicating is MARKETING.


If you are e-mail marketing – so are your competitors.

If you are snail-mail marketing – so are your competitors.

If you are internet-marketing – so are your competitors.

How do you stand out and more importantly be taken seriously in a crowded marketplace full of imitators. Most people’s marketing is suffering from Imitation Limitation. They are all the same! They are all terribly ineffective!

I cordially invite you to step into your future by:

Stop playing small and charge confidently into your greatness.

Think Big – then Think BIGGER – Then think BIGGER again!

You can double and maybe triple your income this year – yes YOU!

For almost 30 years I have developed, tested, re-tested and perfected a simple yet profound marketing system that allows you to gain an unfair advantage over all your competition.

You have no doubt heard about it before and I ask that you give serious thought to my next three words – WRITE A BOOK!

It can change your life faster than any other marketing tool. You become the Acknowledged Expert in your field. You become a sought after speaker on your topic.

A book can break through a wall and get past the gatekeeper faster than any business card or brochure. Why? You are the trusted authority now simply because you took the time to write a book.

When the CEO or business owner receives a complementary copy of your book in the mail they will immediately be impressed and your positioning will be at the top of their mind.

Your business communication and marketing becomes simpler and more effective simply because – YOU Wrote the book on it! Happy Writing. Happy Marketing!