“Writing is the painting of the voice.”

When French Enlightenment writer, historian and philosopher Voltaire (1694-1778) shared his take on the power of the written word, did he also muse that the opposite is true? We have no way of knowing for sure, but if he did, he nailed it – the voice is the painting of writing.

As a writer whose work has been published, your words have given a voice to your expertise, advice and opinions. Those who have read your work come away the better for having done so. Each has ‘read your voice’ and heard its core message loudly and clearly. But while that’s a very good thing, your work is not nearly done. Opportunities abound to give your written words a voice –your voice – and those opportunities promise multiple rewards that will take your journey down an exciting new path.

Much has been written in previous editions of The Power of Performance Newsletter about the benefits of selling yourself, and rightly so. You are much more than the name on your book’s cover. Doing effective job marketing yourself will not only result in increased book sales, but will also bring you greater credibility.

Without question, speaking engagements are the most effective way to advance your reputation as someone who knows his or her stuff. Not only does taking to the stage put a face to the name on your book cover – it also opens the door wide to more speaking engagements down the road as audience members, impressed by your message and your ability to passionately share it, spread the word. And then there’s the benefit of animating your passion for your subject; others hear your excitement in your voice and, via large screen displays prevalent at speaking engagements, see the fire in your eyes.

As you eye getting out there, that age-old question comes to the fore: Where to start? Where are the opportunities? How do you go about pursuing them?

It’s a fine line between being viewed as too aggressive and being confident in yourself, and the value your message holds for others. While you have to bang your own drum, how loud is too loud? That’s a question to ponder. The good news is Black Card Books offers a great opportunity to get out there and stay out there via its Speakers’ Bureau initiative, which will be outlined here.

Black Card Books remains committed as ever to providing you with helpful tools and tips to guide you on your journey as an author, helping you fully maximize marketing strategies and approaches. In the previous edition of The Power of Performance Newsletter, we featured the Fund It Speech Campaign: The Big Stage Beckons. Read on for Giving Your Words A Voice They’ll Long Remember.

Nothing beats getting in front of the right audience primed to benefit from what you have to offer. The challenge lies in finding and securing that opportunity. But first, you need to take the steps that will launch you on your way as a sought-after speaker in your field. CLICK HERE to learn simple but effective ways on how to find speaking engagements.



Florin Pasat – Helping Individuals Grow…One Speaking Engagement At A Time

Florin Pasat

Florin Pasat is the author of the soon-to-be-released book, WOW Now! – The NEW Guide to Reclaim An Abundant And Spectacular Life.

FlorinPasat-3D-Stack-CoverFlorin began his career as a trainer in 2001, training people in sales and marketing, communication skills, and management. He soon discovered the only models that bring results are human-centred ones.

Over time, Florin changed his focus and became dedicated to the purpose of helping individuals grow. Inspired by books on the topic, and by his attendance at seminars and workshops led by leaders in personal development, Florin began to implement these leaders’ top strategies into his own practice.

In 2012, Florin founded a project called Attract The Abundance In Your Life. The aim of the project is to help people improve their financial standing, relationships and health. Florin shows people how the subconscious mind is what runs their lives and their direction, and why “classical receipts” meant to reach success fail because they address the conscious mind. Florin also addresses the six simplest and most effective techniques to “clean” the subconscious mind so that evolution can happen.

“In order to reach my goal, I deliver a three-hour free seminar followed by a paid workshop. At the end of the workshop, I sell my one-to-one coaching program. During both my free seminars and my workshops, I also sell copies of my book, and my DVDs and CDs.” – Florin Pasat

In a bid to fill conference rooms for his free seminar, Florin places Facebook advertisements, and collaborates with others who promote both him and his message. He also receives invitations to speak from seminar participants who own businesses.

Florin’s current goal is sharing his message with people from Romania. Once his book is published, he plans on making inroads in the English-speaking market. Florin is currently on tours with his seminars and workshops

To learn more about Florin’s book and services, visit and

Kudos to your achievements, Florin! Black Card Books is wishing you more successes! Keep it up and thank you for inspiring us!

Who will have the most interest, and benefit accordingly, from the knowledge I have to share? That’s a key question which has inspired Florin Pasat of his efforts in securing speaking engagements. As a member of the Black Card Speaker’s Bureau, Florin can easily be spotted by companies to talk about his area of expertise. Want to be listed on the Speaker’s Bureau? Your iPromote team can help you! Get in touch with us at for more information.



John Anthony Martinez and Chuck Rainey – Co-authors of The Tune Of Success: Unmask YourGenius (A Musician’s Guide To A Glorious Career)

John Anthony Martinez and Chuck Rainey

John Anthony Martinez, with legendary bassist Chuck Rainey, is co-authoring The Tune Of Success: Unmask Your Genius (A Musician’s Guide To A Glorious Career).

John, an accomplished drummer, has recorded or performed with such musical luminaries as Thomas Dolby, Ronnie Laws, Dennis Edwards and the Temptations, and Buddy Miles. He is currently musical director for Main Street LIVE (formerly known as the Grapevine Opry), and is the drummer for the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame and The Chuck Rainey Coalition.

As a guest speaker or lecturer, John has addressed audiences worldwide, stops having included Oxford University in England, The Collective School of Music in New York City and Singapore Polytechnic.

Chuck, meanwhile, has been widely hailed as ‘the hardest working bass player in America.’ His bass playing for the soundtracks of television shows and motion pictures as well as numerous studio recordings have illustrated his well-known and legendary style, and feel and concept, for the instrument and its role in organized music.

For the most part, John and Chuck find speaking opportunities in three ways as follows:

  • By working their existing network of contacts. They seek speaking opportunities where people want, by virtue of their interest in subject, to hear what they have to say –music schools, trade schools offering courses that focus on music recording or performing, music stores, high schools and universities. They back their pitch with a professionally-designed brochure featuring testimonials that speak to their core offerings as well as including their respective résumés.
  • By organizing their own events. These are in the form of a one-day master class, a three-day workshop (boot camp) or a week-long camp. John and Chuck book a venue, and market their event via their individual mailing lists and through advertisements placed in trade magazines. To cover the costs involved in staging events, they charge a fee.
  • By utilizing Thumbtack, an Internet-based service that works well for those looking for speakers for corporate or school events. How it works: The event co-ordinator posts a speaking opportunity to the site and speakers whose area of expertise fits the bill bid for the work.Thumbtack is a cost-effective alternative to advertising while ensuring the leads and the providers are legitimate.

John and Chuck have taken the extra step of involving some of the experts they have interviewed for their book to join them at events, creating added value for attendees, the event itself and their book.

“The best way these events help us as authors is they put us directly in touch with our customers. It helps us delve deeper into the subjects that we explore in our book, and generates interest in our book and other products we make available at our events. When a community (the book interviewees) invests in an idea, it co-owns its success. In other words, it’s not just socially supported; it’s socially meaningful.” – John Anthony Martinez

To learn more about and John Anthony Martinez and Chuck Rainey, visit,

Black Card Books is banging their drums for John Anthony and Chuck’s successes! Congratulations!

For more inspiration from author’s successes, be sure to check Gerry’s blog by CLICKING HERE


A consistent focus of The Power of Performance Newsletter has been taking the next steps after the publication of your book. Rightly so. Your book’s publication, while a milestone event, is a launching pad to bigger and better things for you as a recognized expert in the field you’ve written about.

As detailed in this edition, securing speaking engagements is an effective means of marketing yourself and your message. We detailed the key steps you need to take to get you on stages before audiences who will gain from your knowledge and advice. And we provided details on Black Card Speaker’s Bureau where you can be listed as an available speaker for those seeking the right person with the right message for their group.

NEWSLETTER VOLUME 8B - starburstAmong the Premium Services offered by Black Card Books to support you beyond your book’s release are the Book Launch Campaign, the Author Website Campaign, the Big News Media Campaign and the Amazon Bestseller Campaign. Each is currently being offered individually at a huge savings, or you can package them together and realize an incredible 75 percent in savings. Either way, the value offered to you as an author looking to capitalize further on your book is immeasurable.

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One word comes to mind here: credibility. It’s your most important asset as your odyssey continues. It’s vital you explore all options that enhance it. Black Card Books’ continued commitment to you and your post-publication success ensures your options are as viable as they are numerous.

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