Creative abstract mobility and digital wireless communication technology business concept: group of tablet computer PC and modern touchscreen smartphones or mobile phones on wooden table

Creative abstract mobility and digital wireless communication technology business concept: group of tablet computer PC and modern touchscreen smartphones or mobile phones on wooden table

As a published Black Card Books author, it’s imperative, prudent and just plain smart that you explore and take full advantage of all the tools available that will help you market both your book and your credibility as a recognized leader in your field of expertise.

By providing a monthly potential of 310 million sets of eyeballs the power, and resulting influence, gained by making full use of online social networking service Twitter is undeniable.

Still, with such a vast audience, it’s like casting a fishing line in a lake full of a variety of fish. You may be looking for just one particular species of fish but you have to net many before landing the fish you want. In other words, targeting your Twitter audience ensures your message is seen by the right eyeballs and, by extension, responded to.

Previous editions of The Power of Performance Newsletter have emphasized the vital importance of targeting your post-book marketing strategy to ensure the right eyes are seeing your self-promotion message and the right ears are hearing how you can help their businesses, organizations or groups in ways that are of great benefit to them.

That’s good, very good, but don’t forget the all-important middle man: the media. Be they print or electronic, editors and reporters, with their great influence, can and will carry your flag further if they’re enticed to do so. Establishing relationships with the media via Twitter is one of the easiest yet most effective ways of doing that. But that does require serious diligence and consistency on your part.

Identify those in the media with whom establishing a Twitter relationship with is of potential benefit to your marketing efforts. Find their Twitter account information and follow them, checking in daily and commenting on their ‘tweets’ where appropriate. Show sincere interest in what they share. Eventually, with your help as a connected follower, he or she will clue in to the fact that you can be called upon as a terrific, easy-to-reach source for stories that fall under your area of expertise.

The Twitter world is extensive and doesn’t cost a penny to be part of. All that’s required is an investment of your attention. It’s time well spent. There are locked doors begging for you to pass through them. Strong and consistent Twitter relationships, not just with media representatives but anyone who can boost your efforts, provide the keys to those locked doors. Today is not soon enough to get started. 

Black Card Books remains committed as ever to providing you with helpful tools and tips to guide you on your journey as an author, helping you fully maximize marketing strategies and approaches. In the previous edition of The Power of Performance Newsletter, we examined the seeking of, and retention, of speaking engagements in Giving Your Words A Voice They’ll Long Remember.

Now read on for How To Build Fabulous Relationships On Twitter, a special report written by Jean-Guy (JG) Francoeur, CEO, Black Card Books, and author of MESSY Manager – Leadership Where It Counts.

JG shares what he learned from experience, that if you push too hard, you will lose the relationship and that the long-game is more important. He outlines a simple process in identifying a great relationship and how to strengthen that relationship. CLICK HERE



USHA CHUDASAMA – When It Comes To Self Promotion, It’s Sweet To Tweet, And Prudent Too 


Psychotherapist and behaviour consultant Usha Chudasama, author of the soon-to-be-released book No Child Is Broken: 10 Ways To Happiness (A Powerful Guidebook For Parents), aims to break the traditional cycle of parenting by shifting negative perceptions and helping build a positive mindset.

Usha has created buzz around her work via blog writing and making full use of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. The latter, she admits, took some time and effort to wrap her head around.

UshaChudasama-3D-Stack-Cover“This was a really amazing use of the tool – directly reaching out to people you want to connect with. This spurred me to connect with my target population even more and it’s been really great to get followers and messages too, really fast. Twitter is different from Facebook, for example because you can connect and talk to anyone in the world who loves what you do.”  – Usha Chudasama

Initially, Usha had numerous Facebook followers but didn’t have time to build the same following on Twitter.  Eventually, she discovered how to link both her Facebook and Twitter accounts. This meant that when she posted something to Facebook, it automatically posted to Twitter, and vice versa. Still, she believes it’s most advantageous to develop a separate strategy for each social media platform, advising it’s best to keep Facebook and Twitter accounts distinctly separate.

Usha also started using a tool called Tweet Jukebox, which has a free and paid version. Users can add a number of evergreen tweets to it and the tool will randomly pick a Tweet to send out at whatever time you schedule. Usha schedules up to 10 tweets a day and the system just posts these automatically. It takes away a lot of the time associated with Twitter, and Usha advises that it is important to add tweets as often as you can to the Jukebox to ensure the same ones do not repeat too often.

Fast forward to the time when Usha became a BCB author, whenever she does anything now that is related to her business and book, she posts it either on Facebook or Twitter. If someone or a follower re-tweets her posts, Usha gets more likes or followers.

Through this interaction, Usha was not only able to find her target population but  managed to get an interview with the founder of Netmums for her book and it was all done via Twitter. The founder is someone that has received the Queen’s OBE (Order of the British Empire), and Usha couldn’t find her information anywhere else. Usha has had TV and radio appearances, and more recently has been in the local papers which she also showcased on Twitter and helped build her social media profile.

To know more about Usha, visit her website and social media sites:,,, and

You are AWESOME, Usha! Thank you for inspiring us with your determination and optimism!

Are you inspired with Usha’s determination to boost her author credibility via social media platforms? Would you like to social media to work to your full advantage as an author? Your iPromote team can help you! Get in touch with us at for more information.



IGOR KLIBANOV – Author of STOP EXERCISING! The Way You Are Doing It Now

 IgorKlibanov-Twitter-V1 (1)


Igor Klibanov is the author of STOP EXERCISING! The Way You Are Doing It Now, which provides step-by-step strategies for losing weight safely and effectively while minimizing the risk of injury.

Igor Klibanov Book Has Been ReleasedNamed one of the top five personal trainers in Toronto, Ontario by Metro News, Igor is also a sought-after speaker whose focus is on helping busy professionals lose weight, improve their energy and remain injury-free in doing so. Trumpeting a holistic approach to weight loss that combines exercise with sound nutrition and supplementation practices, Igor has spoken before large audiences for a number of high-profile clients such as SunLife Financial, the University of Toronto and the Ontario Ministry of Health. In the simplest terms, he knows of what he speaks.

And what Igor speaks of has resonated, and is of potential great interest, to millions: how high stress levels can keep you fat even if you eat well and exercise; how your hormones determine your body fat more than your calories; and how too much cardio work can actually cause you to put on body fat. His revelations and suggested approaches have earned some pretty high praise, such as that from Nicole Armand, the author of Why Not You?

“STOP EXERCISING! The Way You Are Doing It Now is an amazing book that will powerfully change the way you look at weight loss and exercise…Igor Klibanov is a one-of-a-kind talent and this incredibly practical book is the embodiment of his highly successful approach,” assesses a clearly impressed Nicole.

While using social media doesn’t play a major role in Igor’s marketing strategy, he does take advantage of it to very good effect.

For example, when he’s booked for a speaking engagement, he promotes the event on social media. Although most of his speaking engagements are closed to the general public, his friends on Facebook and his LinkedIn connections see that he is an accomplished guest speaker as well as author. That, in turn, creates buzz around his talent and the potential for him to be booked for more speaking gigs.

It (social media promotion) doesn’t result in a lot of speaking engagements from that source (maybe two or three annually out of about 50 to 60) but hey, for a 10-second time investment, it’s worth it,” – Igor Klibanov

Spreading social media word of his speaking engagements has also done wonders for Igor’s social life. Whenever he attends social functions, at least one person present knows him by reputation even though he doesn’t know him or her. That brings a certain degree of ‘celebrity treatment’ his way – never a bad thing when it comes to promoting your book and related services.

To know learn more about Igor and his book, visit and/or connect to his Twitter account at

Igor, your BCB team is proud of your accomplishments! Keep Rocking!

For more inspiration from authors’ successes, be sure to visit Gerry’s website by CLICKING HERE.

It’s the hope of all of us at Black Card Books that you took the time to carefully read Jean-Guy (JG) Francoeur’s primer on how to build relationships, and maintain, Twitter-based relationships that are an important piece of the marketing and self-promotion puzzle.

JG’s summary of six simple steps that will help find and nurture vital Twitter relationships is a must-read for any author facing the arduous but necessary task of promoting his or her expertise in the field he or she is so well versed on. He breaks it down in simple terms. Better still, following Jean-Guy’s sound advice requires an investment of your time only. It won’t cost you a penny, but the potential return is limitless.

Having built multi-million dollar and multi-national businesses, JG is an example of the advice you should be seeking and following. He’s a proven winner. His track record speaks for itself. Can you really afford not to hear what he says?

NEWSLETTER VOLUME 8B - starburst (1)Featuring Jean-Guy’s proven wisdom in this edition of The Power of Performance Newsletter is yet another way Black Card Books shows its relentless dedication to your success. Add it to the Premium Services offered by Black Card Books to support you beyond your book’s release, such as the Book Launch Campaign, the Author Website Campaign, the Big News Media Campaign and the Amazon Bestseller Campaign, and that support is even more evident. Each campaign is being offered individually at a huge savings, or you can package them to realize even more significant savings.

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