As you ramp up your efforts to market your personality and your expertise in the wake of great achievement – your book’s publication – it’s imperative that you explore all means of communicating with audiences that will benefit the most from knowing what you have to offer, and taking full advantage of your knowledge and expertise.

Previous editions of The Power of Performance Newsletter have aimed to educate you on the various means of communicating with a huge audience; how to cast a big net to catch the right fish, so to speak.

We’ve reviewed the benefits of reaching out to traditional media such as print, television and radio, and who to establish contact with, and how often. We’ve covered the social media universe, not only the more popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but also relatively new applications such as Periscope.

There is yet another weapon that you should add to your marketing arsenal – podcasting.

A podcast is a digital audio and/or video file that listeners can download onto their computer or mobile device. As an author, you can participate in a niche podcast that speaks specifically to your field of expertise. For example, did you know there’s a monthly podcast dedicated to Harry Potter fans? There is and it’s called MuggleCast. That’s just one example of a topic-specific podcast that’s enjoying great success by appealing to a target audience.

According to Statista, in 2015, 17 per cent of American adults had listened to a podcast over the course of the previous month. That number is sure to grow as more and more people search out podcasts that speak specifically to a topic that sparks their interest. The fact that a podcast can be enjoyed via a mobile device, like an iPhone, makes the platform even more appealing for an audience that’s forever on the move.

If you’re asking yourself if you can afford the time to set up your own podcast, also ask yourself if you can afford to ignore a growing audience that’s hungry for information and education on the topics that interest them, both professionally and personally. The podcast table is one you want to have a seat at.

Black Card Books remains staunchly committed to providing you with essential tools and tips to guide you on your journey as an author, helping you fully maximize marketing strategies and approaches as you move forward post-book publication.

In the previous edition of The Power of Performance Newsletter, we featured How To Build Fabulous Relationships On Twitter, an invaluable review written by Jean-Guy (JG) Francoeur, CEO, Black Card Books, and the author of MESSY Manager – Leadership Where It Counts. Now read on Podcasts, Blogs and Magazine Publication: It’s Time to Ramp Up Your Marketing Efforts.

Podcasts, blogs and magazine publications are huge boosts to your media coverage. Blog entries are a terrific means of promoting your book and/or your services without being repetitive by creating educational posts about what you have to offer plus gets you an opportunity to engage with your readers. Magazine publication is no longer limited to print media but several outlets have shifted to online publications which enhance your digital marketing plan. Podcast is a growing media platform wherein you have the opportunity to speak directly to an audience that, by subscribing to your podcast, has taken a vested interest in your field of expertise. As a result of taking advantage of these media platform, the door to new and exciting opportunities will undoubtedly open wider. CLICK HERE to learn effective ways on how to get yourself engaged on these platforms.



SALLY MAY TAN – Planting The Seeds Pre-Book Launch Leads To A Bountiful Harvest Of Benefits

 sally may tan1

Some six weeks before officially launching her book, Wellness – The New Luxury: A Modern Paradigm To Truly Having It All!, health coach Sally May Tan got busy, embarking on a public relations mission.

Besides ensuring her book would be available at major Singapore bookstores with the help of a reputable distributor, Sally, with the invaluable support of Black Card Books, had it listed with Amazon and Kindle.

In addition, Sally sat down for one-on-one lunches with the editors and senior correspondents of major publications to allow them get to know her better, all the while learning more about their readers’ interests. In effect, Sally planted the seeds that would lead to media representatives recognizing her thoughts and contributions as a thought leader in her field. Now, when she attends an event, Sally brings at least one book with her to sign and gift to the organizer, speaker or a media representative.

sally may tan bookA lot of work, yes, but Sally’s efforts have paid off in a big way. She was profiled in a full-page, full-colour feature in Singapore’s Business Times Weekend, and was invited to contribute several articles to top-selling women’s magazines such as Elle and Women’s Weekly. With the latter, Sally is a regular contributor to its health and wellness section. As well, she contributes articles for Wholly Natural magazine.

“The media coverage has been very helpful for my young business as it has given me so much credibility as a speaker, coach and thought leader in my industry. I left the corporate world only two years ago. It’s always tough to break into any industry anew. Since my book launch, it has been easier to land speaking engagements and seats at my workshops are easier to fill now.” – Sally May Tan

Sally holds rare credentials as a CEO-turned-Nutrition Champion. She has also presented at numerous global conferences – most notably, as the keynote speaker and panel chair at the Education World Conference (India) and the World Forum of Early Childhood Education (USA). Sally is also the Founder and Principal Consultant of Catalyst Health Asia.

Holding steady in her mission to inspire, educate and empower others to take charge of their health and wellness, Sally has added speaker and entrepreneur to her overflowing stable of sought-after talents.

Get to know more about Sally by visiting www.wellnessthenewluxury.com or www.catalysthealthasia.com.

Congratulations Sally for your phenomenal media success! You have indeed reaped a bounty of triumphs!

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Sharesz Tarley Wilkinson – Author of Obstacle Buster: How To Create Big & Bold Shifts For Lifelong Success


Yet to be published, Sharesz Tarley Wilkinson’s book, Obstacle Buster: How To Create Big & Bold Shifts For Lifelong Success, is already grabbing huge media attention.

Although she had never before developed an online presence, Sharesz jumped on opportunities that were out of her comfort zone, eventually bringing her to the point where she was able to do so in detail.

Sharesz’s strategy of reaching out to professionals via an honest approach, networking and plain hard work worked very well for her indeed.

That Sharesz was able to experience substantial personal growth in just six months is a testament to her belief in the law of attraction: When you are ready, the right people will show up in your life. To be ready, you have to do the hard work first.

“Among the important steps were creating a book title with Gerry that represents my message, story and experience so I can fully own it, and finding a strong title image and design in collaboration with Gerry’s design team. Then I built up my LinkedIn profile from scratch; my CV over half a lifetime of experience, which was a difficult task and a long process,” notes Sharesz, a top-level business executive coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF).


“Looking the part is important as well. I got a high-quality professional suit tailored, bought a business travel hand trolley suitcase to conveniently transport all my materials, went to the hairdresser to create a professional and easy to reproduce hairstyle, and hired a professional photographer for my photo shoot. I did not photo shop my face to stay genuine, wrinkles and all, looking the same on all my marketing materials. A big smile always helps and having fun helps a lot in general, not taking life all too seriously.” – Sharesz Tarley Wilkinson


For Sharesz, networking has been key. Many of the steps she took led to her social media presence giving people more insight into her and what she does. In addition, she stayed engaged in relationships, mingled with the right people and attended big events for important causes, which brought additional media coverage. She always kept her eyes and ears open to maintain contact with key people – the movers and shakers. And wherever she went, Sharesz made sure she looked great, from head to toe.

Calling on her experience in coaching, leadership training, business and change management, Shares continues to mentor key people in prominent positions in various professional fields internationally.

To learn more about Sharesz, visit her website www.authorstwilkinson.com and the following social media sites: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stwilkinson1, https://www.facebook.com/sharesztwilkinson, www.instagram.com/stwilkinson1 and https://twitter.com/stwilkinson1

Keep up the amazing job, Sharesz! Optimism for success is a powerful law of attraction!

For more inspiration from authors’ successes, be sure to visit Gerry’s website by CLICKING HERE.

This edition of The Power of Performance Newsletter reinforces a mantra that has been a common thread through previous editions: securing and nurturing media attention is key to your success, not only as an author but as a leading spokesperson in your field of expertise.

Getting noticed and staying relevant isn’t easy but the rewards are numerous. You have to roll up your sleeves and make a determined effort to take full advantage of emerging social media technologies, such as podcasting covered in this edition, as well as make use of popular platforms which have been with us awhile such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. And there are the traditional media formats of print, radio and television. Don’t underestimate their influence in terms of what they can do to heighten your profile, both locally and well beyond.

media111In this edition, we also touched on blogging as yet another way of getting out there and introducing yourself, your views and your business acumen to a vast audience. As well, we provided tips on how to catch, and keep, the attention of magazine editors.

One thing we know for certain about editors, journalists, and broadcast producers and reporters is they are connected to social media in a very big way. If you’re ‘out there’ in a fresh way, brimming with confidence, your expertise clearly evident, they will take notice. It’s only a matter of time before your phone rings or your email inbox starts to fill up as they line up to feature the story that is uniquely you.

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