“Gerry will give you an upbeat, optimistic gameplan to help you live a richer life.”
– Zig Ziglar, See You At The Top

“Gerry is awesome. He went from poverty to success and I’m glad to count him as my friend.”
– Mark Victor Hansen, Chicken Soup For The Soul

“I have a high regard for Gerry Robert and the things he has achieved. That is why I have written the forward to two of his books.”
– Ken Blanchard, The One Minute Manager

GERRY ROBERT | International Bestselling Author
Gerry Robert went from living a life of poverty to earning multiple millions per year and more than $200,000,000 in the past 20 years. He is a recognized expert in the field of marketing, sales, branding and book publishing.

He is a bestselling author, columnist, speaker and consultant and operates globally. Gerry has spoken to more than three million people from around the world. He has written several bestselling books, including The Millionaire Mindset: How Ordinary People Can Create Extraordinary Income. His style is engaging, humorous and it stands apart from the rest of the “motivational hype” crowd many people associate him with.

His talk at this event is taken from his latest book Publish a Book & Grow Rich. Gerry helps serious entrepreneurs catapult their sales and skyrocket their income. By the end of this powerful presentation, you will learn:

  • Why a book is the single best marketing tool on the planet.
  • How to use a book to generate more HOT leads than you can handle.
  • How a book can instantly differentiate you from everyone who sells what you sell.
  • Why anyone can publish a book and use it as a marketing tool.
  • How to raise tens of thousands of dollars before you write a single word, using your book as a financial asset.
  • How to write a book in 40 hours.
  • What it takes to use a book to BRAND yourself with massive credibility.
  • Why you need a book if you want to become a speaker.
  • How to use a book to recruit thousands of people to your organization or down line.
  • How to use a book to raise your closing ratio by a factor of 10.
  • The eight steps to publishing success.

Gerry will show you his unconventional and innovative ideas that will help you differentiate yourself in the crowded, noisy, marketing marketplace for whatever industry you’re in.

See Gerry Robert live in front of 5000 in Germany

See Gerry Robert live on National TV

Keynote: $20,000 (USD) + Travel Expenses

RAZA AZIZ | Speaker & Trainer
Raza Aziz is an author, speaker, educator and a coach who inspires individuals to bring more of their uniqueness, their strengths and their passions to their environment, with the intention to help others and create a space of breakthrough performance and productivity. Today, Raza has taken his cause and mission of true expression to the world. Through his book, his speaking engagements and workshops, he is spreading the message of Self Discovery as a source to leap into The Performance Zone.

TRAVON TAYLOR | Author | Speaker | Coach

Mr. Travon Taylor is an inspirational speaker, author, and coach. His passion for helping others achieve their own purpose and greatness has become his obsession. He believes if you can see it mentally, it is possible for you! Travon believes you can achieve true happiness and fulfillment in every area of your life and wants to share how this is possible to the world. Travon was raised in Los Angeles California and is a 12-year United States Marine combat veteran who served 3 tours in Iraq achieving the rank of Staff Sergeant. While in the Marine Corps, he served as a recruiter in Kansas City, Missouri, and was decorated as one of the best recruiters in a 13-state district. It was during this assignment where Travon discovered his passion for teaching and inspiring others to achieving great things.

After his military service, he became a youth leader, having a profound impact on many lives in his local community in Los Angeles, and globally. Travon toured with one of the world’s largest traveling ministries – traveling to Israel, Indonesia, Sweden, South Africa, Portugal, and all over the United States. A force to be reckoned with, he applied his “can do, never quit” attitude, earning a California State boxing championship at the age of 36!

Travon shares his experiences, life lessons, motivation, and years of education in leadership, communication strategies, business strategies, and meditation insights in Success Chasing You. He is also a Certified Dream Coach® helping many tear down the walls of fear and frustration and live a dream come true life. He is a winner and a leader in every endeavor he sets his mind to and encourages others to follow his example and stand in their own power. He is of the Christian faith and uses biblical principles to govern his life and teaches the principles of living in spirit, soul and body. Travon is a natural leader and visionary who gladly teaches powerful total-life success strategies.

Now living his dream, traveling the world as an influential speaker, Travon exemplifies the life of a champion. A life of accomplishment, success and inspiration.

THERESA BARNABEI | Author | Inspirational Coach | Educator | National Speaker | Realtor | Business Owner

Theresa couples her natural speaking talent with over 35,000 presentation hours, making her world class in her field!  Since her trek from coast to coast with UPS, Theresa knew she was destined for the national stage, presenting for tens of thousands of attendees over the course of her speaking career!  Her rave reviews have caused her to be hired by organizations across the country, delivering keynote addresses and instructional programs.

She is considered by her peers as the most inspirational speaker in her field and has been a sought after speaker throughout the real estate community.  She has expanded her reach and most recently spoke with Gerry Robert at the National Achiever’s Congress in Seattle, Washington.  She and Gerry were on stage in front of 8,000 people, presenting right before Tony Robbins.

She has the ability to move any sized crowd with her ability to say the right words, in a manner the audience can truly hear her message, delivering it at just the right time with stark honesty and a twist of humor, often being told that her presentation style resembles that of Ellen DeGeneres!