Psychotherapist and behaviour consultant Usha Chudasama, author of the soon-to-be-released book No Child Is Broken: 10 Ways To Happiness (A Powerful Guidebook For Parents), aims to break the traditional cycle of parenting by shifting negative perceptions and helping build a positive mindset.

Usha has created buzz around her work via blog writing and making full use of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. The latter, she admits, took some time and effort to wrap her head around.

UshaChudasama-3D-Stack-Cover“This was a really amazing use of the tool – directly reaching out to people you want to connect with. This spurred me to connect with my target population even more and it’s been really great to get followers and messages too, really fast. Twitter is different from Facebook, for example because you can connect and talk to anyone in the world who loves what you do.”  – Usha Chudasama

Initially, Usha had numerous Facebook followers but didn’t have time to build the same following on Twitter.  Eventually, she discovered how to link both her Facebook and Twitter accounts. This meant that when she posted something to Facebook, it automatically posted to Twitter, and vice versa. Still, she believes it’s most advantageous to develop a separate strategy for each social media platform, advising it’s best to keep Facebook and Twitter accounts distinctly separate.

Usha also started using a tool called Tweet Jukebox, which has a free and paid version. Users can add a number of evergreen tweets to it and the tool will randomly pick a Tweet to send out at whatever time you schedule. Usha schedules up to 10 tweets a day and the system just posts these automatically. It takes away a lot of the time associated with Twitter, and Usha advises that it is important to add tweets as often as you can to the Jukebox to ensure the same ones do not repeat too often.

Fast forward to the time when Usha became a BCB author, whenever she does anything now that is related to her business and book, she posts it either on Facebook or Twitter. If someone or a follower re-tweets her posts, Usha gets more likes or followers.

Through this interaction, Usha was not only able to find her target population but  managed to get an interview with the founder of Netmums for her book and it was all done via Twitter. The founder is someone that has received the Queen’s OBE (Order of the British Empire), and Usha couldn’t find her information anywhere else. Usha has had TV and radio appearances, and more recently has been in the local papers which she also showcased on Twitter and helped build her social media profile.

To know more about Usha, visit her website and social media sites:,,, and

You are AWESOME, Usha! Thank you for inspiring us with your determination and optimism!

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